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Who we are

Welcome to NVdesign. Together we will design and materialize your dream, house, working place, or any other space you wish. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians, as well as the high quality materials we use, are the guaranty of an excellent result. Since 2009,NVdesign undertakes housing and business constructions, as well as real estate renovations. Our inviolable rules are the precise design, the detailed planning and budget and the diligent and on time execution of any project. Always, we cooperate with a great team of technicians covering the whole range of any construction from the conception up to the final phase of implementation. With more than 150 completed projects, we have enormous experience in house renovations, restoration and redesigning of any business place. Combining imagination and knowledge with "know-how" and excellent technicians, we create high quality works with an aspect and aesthetic value. Before we undertake any renovation, you will receive a techno - economic study, so that you can have the best result at the best possible price. We will suggest many different and yet functional solutions, so that you can choose the one that meets your requirements. Please feel free to contact us for a free of charge offer. !

Nikos Florentzos

Since I was a child, I used to redecorate my room every year. Constructions were my passion and designing a desk or a bookcase was making me happy. Having as a criterion the job opportunities, I started studying accounting, but before graduation I totally changed my business path. I chose DESIGN. From the first course I understood that it was the perfect profession for me. During my first semester I managed to work for a well know company COMPASS S.A, as a kitchen designer. I remember that I had to stay out of home all day long and be back at night in order to study, but without feeling tired at all. My love for this wonderful and yet difficult profession, made me travel all over the world to visit amazing exhibitions. I had to combine in detail the courses, the work, the seminars and the exhibitions, in order not to skip anything of all those that were giving me energy and passion.

During my second semester of studies I worked for NRGEEN company. But my passion did not end in kitchen designing. After my graduation, I established NVdesign, starting my first complete works.

I went on, searching all the time for new co-operators and experts who would share the shame passion with me and taking into consideration customer's profit. I never rest assured. That may be the most difficult thing during my career. But I managed to create the best team, which can assure the best quality for every project. My dream came true. I believe that no money profit can compare with a customer's smile for our perfect result. This is that makes us growing better every day. In NVdesign we all have something in common... we are all humans!

Vagia Korali

I was born in 1989 in Athens. I studied INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN in Athens Technical Institue and then I made my master graduation in Florence Institute of Design Internation in Italy. Going back to the time I chose to study design, I must admit that I had not realized the difficulties connected to this profession. But I'm glad that I have managed to fulfill my dream and make it a profession. I'm happy having the chance to design and create projects that make people happy. It is very important for everyone to live and work in places that fill them with happy feelings. Either it is their house, their professional space or their office. This is why I strongly believe that the relationship between a designer and his customer is so important and difficult at the same time.

In order to start the materialization of a project, a designer has to understand and analyze customer's needs and expectations. I strongly believe that the secret is to create a result that would meet customer's needs by combining his dream with the designer's knowledge. And this can only happy whe you get to learn as much as you can about customer's profile, way of life, standards, occupations and his "life regulator" in general. At the end of the day, the most beautiful and interesting thing in my profession is the interaction with different people and characters

I know now, that as much experience you may have, as many projects you may complete, there will always be the next one, the "new" one which will you keep you alert and will make you a better professional and a better person.

For us, each project is equally important and special.

Some of our last projects

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100sq.m. apartment refurbishment in Nikaia

About us

Since 2009, NVdesign undertakes housing and business constructions, as well as real estate renovations. Our inviolable rules are the precise design, the detailed planning and budget and the diligent and on time execution of any project.

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    The best interior design team. You are true professionals.

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    Perfect on their job and incedible professionals

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    The best crew and always punctual on their timetables

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